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  Okanagan College College Course Descriptions...


Computer Fundamentals


Prerequisite - None

If you’re new to computers this course is for you. Learn the basics of Windows through a hands-on exploration of its features and capabilities. Learn how to use a mouse & keyboard, explore the Windows environment; use a typical window, menus, toolbars, borders, buttons and dialog boxes. It will also include working with the many applets available in Windows. You will learn keyboard shortcuts and basic file management. You will become familiar with common computer jargon.

The recommended time for completion is 18 hours.


Lesson Manual  & handouts included

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Quickbooks Pro 


The most popular bookkeeping software. The goal of the program is to help equip you with the tools you need to master the art of small business financial management. QuickBooks helps you keep track of bills and payments, balance your budget, plan for tax season and much more. This course is designed to give you everything that you need to set up your accounting systems within your business. Learn to easily do payroll and all the required government reporting.


The recommended time for completion is 18 hours.

Lesson Manual & Handouts included

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What’s New in Office


The most popular program on the market has just gotten better. New features include the ability to create, open, edit and save files in the cloud straight from the desktop. In addition, the course will review a new search tool for commands available in Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook named "Tell Me." Other smaller features include Insights, a feature powered by Bing to provide contextual information from the web, new chart types in Excel and a data loss prevention

Prerequisites - Computer Fundamentals or experience in previous versions of Word and Excel.


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What's New in Windows 10

Find out what's new in Windows 10, from the new Start menu to signing in with your fingerprint, to doodling in your web browser, to the new 'Home' view in Explorer that shows you a Quick Access list of useful locations. Use Cortana, the Siri style search assistant, for a lot more than just searching the web and find out how to use Snap to use all four corners of your screen instead of just half. Whether you are upgrading from Windows XP. 7 or 8.1 it’s more than just a new name and very different to use.

Please note: If you are new to windows please take a computer basics course.


Word for Writers


We offer insight on how to effectively use Microsoft Word to compose your novels. Learn to set tabs, number your pages, create page & section breaks, set chapter headings, insert pictures, create headers & footers, insert title, author’s name, and other document property, working with lists, create a table of contents, use styles, create an index, footnote and endnote, add citations and bibliography and track changes as you edit.


call 250-804-8888 to register

Prerequisite–Basic Computing Skills



Microsoft Word

Learn how to save and open documents, edit text, delete and rearrange text, cut copy and paste text, proof documents using the language tools; learn how to improve the presentation of your text, such as formatting text with different fonts and font styles; formatting using indents, bullets, numbers, justification and other aspects. Learn how to use templates and wizards, headers and footers, page numbers; import and manipulate graphics, such as clipart and photos. Create, edit, and format tables, outlines and columns.



Prerequisite–Basic Computing Skills


Computer Maintenance


Do you wonder why your computer is running slower than before?   Does your hard drive light flash even when you are not working on your computer? Do you think you could be infected with a virus or trojan horse? This course covers the fundamentals of computer hardware, as well as basic PC configuration, preventive maintenance, and diagnostics. You will learn how to clean out the dust bunnies, remove unwanted files and startup items, clean and defrag your system and perform tasks such as changing your CD drive or adding RAM. We also cover  how to deal with spam, viruses, and hackers. Learn to use your system tools like defrag, check for errors and other general maintenance,  Many of the solutions presented are free software based solutions. This course is for any computer user and a must for anyone with a full-time, high speed cable or DSL connection to the Internet.



call 250-804-8888 to register 



Go Green Christmas Cards

Learn to make beautiful Christmas cards by recycling your old ones, and do your part for the environment.  We will use card stock, fancy punches, embellishments and your old cards to create one of a kind cards you will be proud to give. Please bring old cards, I will provide everything else.


call 250-804-8888 to register


Christmas Letter Creation 


Jazz up your Christmas letters! Make that annual Christmas letter exciting using

graphics, photographs, borders and more. Learn how you can personalize all

of your letters and yet only have to type your letter once using mail merge. Learn how to make fancy Christmas labels for your packages and mailing labels.


call 250-804-8888 to register



Excel  - Spreadsheets Introduction


This course will introduce you to the basic commands, formulas, functions and capabilities of Excel. You will learn how to use the ribbon navigation. Students will learn basic spreadsheet  techniques with Microsoft Excel including the creation of simple worksheets, formatting and printing worksheets, create and use charts; enter, edit, and format information on the worksheet; enhance worksheets with fonts and borders; design and build sample worksheets; freeze areas on large worksheets; apply built-in and custom formats; change cell size and alignment; sorting and filing; keyboard shortcuts;  and to exit and save your work session.


call 250-804-8888 to register  


NOTE: If you are interested in a refresher in a specific area of Excel short (1 class) sessions are available. Call Okanagan College for more information


Word in a Day Level 1


Improve your skills using the Microsoft Word program. Experience the magic of word processing and enhance your skills in basic techniques such as copying and moving text, aligning and indenting paragraphs, set line spacing, work with tabs, change margins, use the spelling and grammar checker and print.



Word in a Day Level 2

Go to the next steps with MS Word. Improve your skills and learn to use styles to provide consistent formatting in your documents, use tables, apply backgrounds and insert, modify and edit items such as pictures, SmartArt and shapes. Previous working knowledge of MS Word is required.


Word in a Day Level 3

This course is intended for participants who are familiar with Microsoft Word: Level I and II are suggested pre-requisites. Learn to merge letters, envelopes and labels using new or existing documents and data sources. Gain control over long documents by generating Table of Contents and Indexes, add References, insert Comments, Footnotes and Endnotes. Customize default Word options including AutoCorrect and Quick Parts. Record and edit Macros to automate repetitive actions. Work with Text Boxes to offset information or draw attention to a particular message.


Excel in a Day Level 1

Discover the power of Microsoft Excel  as you create, edit, save, and print worksheets and workbooks. Learn how to properly enter data using values, labels and formulas; and uncover the importance of relative and absolute cell references. Save time and improve efficiency by using AutoComplete, AutoFill, and AutoSum. Increase the legibility of your worksheets using text and number formatting features and add headers and footers for consistency. Finally, learn to create a simple chart. This course is intended for beginners as well as those wishing to refresh and upgrade their existing Excel skills.

Excel in a Day Level 2

Go the next steps with MS Excel. Work with various functions to perform specific types of calculations, customize charts, work with pictures, and customize formatting for types of data. Previous working knowledge of MS Excel is required.


Excel in a Day Level 3

Leverage the advanced capabilities of Excel. In this class you will learn to create and customize formulas and build stand-alone applications in a workbook, including VBA coding and controls. Perform database, financial and statistical analysis with functions and pivot tables. Previous working knowledge of MS Excel is required.


PowerPoint in a Day

Wow your audience with a sleek and  engaging presentation using templates and themes. Insert new slides, change the layout of existing slides, and create text boxes with the click of a command. Bring your presentation to life with pictures, clip art, SmartArt graphics, movies, animation, and transitions. To finish off your presentation, create note pages for yourself or your audience as a reference.


If you would like to see other classes offered please call me

Judy 250-675-4801 or email RDSweb@telus.net



RDSweb 2214 Lakeview Dr. Sorrento, BC V0E 2W2 Email :RDSweb@telus.net

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